Common Mistakes and Questions to Avoid Going into a Sales Interview

Doing the right thing during a sales interview will play a significant role in you landing the job. You might tend to give too much attention to resumes and references, while not taking into consideration the things you need to avoid. You should know that everything is important in enabling your success when it comes to interviewing.

Here are several mistakes and questions identified from the interview experts over at, that you should avoid during your sales job interview. Doing this will greatly improve your chances of landing the job, according to their recent LinkedIn review. Without going to many details let’s get started.

Common Mistakes and Questions to Avoid when Going into a Sales Job Interview

1. Failure to prepare

Preparation plays an important role in helping you determine if you fit in that specific sales position. Make an effort of getting detailed information about the organization. This will help you in answering the questions you will be asked confidently.

Failing to do so is definitely the wrong call since you won’t be able to provide your utmost best. Lack of information also may affect your confidence which will render you nervous. Make sure to prepare well enough in order to stand out.

2. Wearing the wrong outfit

As it is commonly said the first impression is a lasting impression. Most interviewers tend to judge you right from your first appearance. They might use this to describe your personality. Even though you may be a great fit for the job, wearing the wrong outfit can have massive consequences during the hiring process.

3. Arriving late at the interview

Time is precious and it can’t be recovered once wasted. Arriving late for your interview gives the interviewers a bad picture of you. It shows that you are not organized nor reliable. Therefore, ensure that you arrive at the venue early enough. Being punctual has a lot of benefits as well, for instance, you are able to finalize your preparation and review any last minute notes.

4. Don’t ask questions with obvious answers

This can be as a result of not doing quality research. The interviewer may conclude from this that you are being ignorant. Make sure that you only ask a thoughtful questions that pertain to the job and aren’t readily available on the organization’s website.

5. Bringing up questions about salary and benefits too soon

As much as it is very important to know how much you will be paid for that particular sales job, make sure that you are not the one bringing up the question. This can portray you in a bad way, and the interviewers may think that you are interested in the job for the money only. This can greatly affect the chance of being offered the job, and show that you won’t be a good fit long-term. The money question can always be asked after you have been offered the job.

6. Poor body language

It is very important to stay calm, sit well, avoid chewing and maintain eye contact. This is the most important mode of communication. It shows that you are good at listening, and it will also help you to answer properly since you are engaged and listening carefully.

Final words

How you handle your sales interview greatly determines whether you will get the job or not. Make sure to put into consideration the things you should avoid and questions you shouldn’t ask. If you focus on the six steps mentioned above, you’ll have an excellent chance of standing out and being one of the favorites to land the position.

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