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Learning about Islam has brought about a great difference in my life. The teachers were extremely polite, and they helped me to figure out the true meaning of Islam.

Robert Zahn

I believe that we are created to learn more about Allah and Islam education has helped me do that and I am very thankful for that opportunity.

Morina sha

Studying in this institute has helped me learn a lot about Allah and his work. Leaning about Islam has been an amazing experience, and I had a great time interacting with the people in the institute.

Alisa Crowe

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Qualitative research tools

There are many types of qualitative research tools, but choosing the proper one is where most people fail. This is one among the most commonly used methods where a lot of information is required about that person before making any conclusion or further investigation

Direct Observation

In direct observation, you can easily write down information by observing people. This observation begins with the first interaction with the subject. There is structured and unstructured observation where one requires participation from the subject while other does not.

Structured observation

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Interview method

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Quantitative research tools

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The multiple-choice question: As the name suggests this type of question has many answers, and the subject is asked to tick what he or she feels is right.

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Online classes are a trend these days. And most of the youngsters opt for online classes rather than the physical version of it. And one more thing that is trending these days are online statistics classes. There are many online platforms like statisticsguru that take online statistics classes. These classes are garnering increasing popularity by the day, which makes it pretty clear that these classes are really cool and the people signing up for them find them interesting. Here’s a list of advantages of signing up for an online statistics class:

Manage work and studies

If you’re working, it is challenging to find a course that would cater to your timings. Even if you’re a student, finding a class that would match your college timings, other classes and activities would be difficult. Here’s where the online lectures come in as a saving grace! You are free to take these lectures as per your schedule and mood, too. This helps to maintain a simple balance between what you’re doing and what you wish to do.

Choose your specialisation

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Lesser fees

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Helps you take charge

Not only do you have the liberty to take the classes as per your convenience, but this liberty also comes with a responsibly. In a face-to-face class, you would have someone riding over your head to complete the lectures. But in an online scenario, you would have to take up the charge and finish the lessons honestly by yourself. Attempting the tests too would be your responsibility. Basically, you’re the one in charge more than the teacher when it comes to online classes.

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assignment discussion

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Islam – Practices and Beliefs


Islam is known as a religion that is often overlooked and sometimes even seen as a somewhat extreme religion. Contrary to the beliefs of many, there is a peaceful side to it as well.

What most people fail to take into consideration, is the fact that all religion should be respected across the world. The same goes for different races, speaking different languages, as well as having different heritages.
When compared to other religions, those who engage in Islam practice and worship are incredibly devotional towards the one they refer to as god, Allah.

Those who believe are thus very religious and above all else, god-conscious. They are also very focused on how they treat others. Their religion also forces them to give back and help those in need, to be able to enjoy the riches of heaven.

The Five Pillars of Islam

Being a Muslim, one must identify the five pillars of Islam as a religion. These pillars are focused on the ritual practices of Islam. It is also taught and practised in Islamic schools.


The five pillars of Islam are based on the fundamentals of the Quran, as well as the Sunnah. It is believed that these two powerful books have defined interpretations by ‘uluma’, which took place in the first few centuries of Islam’s existence.

The five pillars consist of the shahadah, which can be described as the testimony and unity of god, as well as the prophethood of Muhammad. Another pillar is referred to salat, which means canonical prayer, zakat referring to alms, sawm referring to the fast, Ramadan and finally, hajj, which is the pilgrimage to Mecca.
These five pillars make up the foundations of what Muslims believe and follow in their religion.

Practices in Islam

From the fast of Ramadan to canonical prayers, alms and pilgrimage, these are all practices that are shared by Muslims across the globe.

• The canonical prayer – A prayer that is performed individually, often recited as one of the most important verses in the Quran. It can also be performed in a mosque amongst the masses. Fridays are considered prayer days in the mosque, where Muslims come together, to pray together in the afternoon. Worshipping is never limited to a specific time or place.

• Eid – Also known as Eid al-Adha, referring to the celebration of Prophet Abraham’s willingness in sacrificing his lineage for serving god, as well as the culmination of hajj. There are specific dates that are dedicated to the events in the lives of Muslims for fasting.

• Ramadan – Ramadan is a period, depending on the alignment of the moon, which occurs in May and ends in June. It involves 29 to 30 days of fasting, to commemorate the revelation of the Quran, received by Muhammad, according to Islamic beliefs. During this period, all Muslims around the world, fast between sunrise and sunset.

Things you did not know about the Quran

About Quran

Quran happens to be the holy text of Islam. Quite often we relate Islam to violence and negatives of the world. Based on the actions of a few people we assume that the entire religion is like that and start to have a negative impact on them.

Quran is a book which is filled with, and as you read the book, you will understand the brilliance of the religion and the kindness it is trying to spread. Quran is filled with valuable lessons, and it is also a book with an immense history of the past. So if you think that you know a lot about the Quran, continue reading and find out about the things you do not know about the holy Quran.It is said that an angel had given the Quran:

Most of us have heard about angel Gabriel who is a messenger of God who is often mentioned in the Bible. It is said that the same angel had visited Prophet Muhammad and had recited the verses of the Quran. Muhammad had to take a trip to an isolated cave where angel Gabriel visited the prophet and gave him the Quran.

There are rules for handling the Quran with respect:

Just like how we have specific rules to handle things we consider holy, the Quran also has rules where one has to handle the Holy book with care and respect. The religion has an etiquette on how to handle the Quran. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle the book and when people handle it the wrong way it is considered disrespectful. You need to keep the book clean. If you are reading the Quran, you should not use your saliva to turn the pages, and you are also not allowed to use the Quran as a pillow.

Quran encourages kindness and peace:

kindness and peace

Most of us have this negative image about, and we think that they are always into violence and destruction. But that is not the case. Just because few people are like that we cannot judge the entire religion. The holy Quran actually promotes peace and kindness. The Prophet Muhammad is a brilliant example, and he led a life which was simple and kind. Not all Muslims are filled with hatred and anger. There are people who want to spread kindness and peace.

Quran embraces free thought

Most of us think that the Quran teaches people to blindly follow a particular way of life without proper thinking or reasoning. But that is not the case. You will be surprised to see how the holy text encourages you to think and reason out for yourself instead of blindly following some rule.

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